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MAY 24-26, 2017

Color Marketing Group's 2017 Latin America Conference is being held in San Miguel de Allende (City of Mexico), May 24-26, 2017. As a color professional, join us as we discuss and explore color directions for 2019+.

2019+ Latin America Forecast

We recently revealed the 2018+ Latin America Forecast during our 2016 International Summit – now we begin to forecast color directions for 2019 and beyond and YOU can be part of that conversation. Our Conference Workshops offer a chance to explore and recognize subtle nuances in color, to envision which palettes and color combinations will best attract, inspire, and inform, and to explore the global influences and drivers that affect color directions.

At the very heart of all CMG events is the Color Forecasting process where the world’s leading color and design influencers share, discuss and explore color directions. You will be on the cutting edge of color forecasting, and you’ll bring these insights back with you to shape and validate discussions and decisions on color directions for your industry, product or service.


We are working to bring you an amazing line of up innovative, educational and visionary speakers. Combining creative talent with original thinking, our speaker line-up will inspire you with knowledge, insight and professional thinking. See who will be a part of this year's presenters. 


CMG’s forecasts are created by members and participants in collaborative multi-industry Workshops. They are cross-industry, applicable across multiple industries and multiple product lines – and they are directional, focusing on the directional change in colors and color families.

Explore Mexico

We know that part of what you love about the conference is having time to catch up with friends (and make some new ones), which is why this year we’re blocking out an entire afternoon so that you can explore, engage, and enjoy color-rich San Miguel de Allende.



Color Marketing Group has not contracted with any hotel for this Conference, however there are a number of hotels that we recommend in the following order: 

El Mesón Hotel 
El Palomar 

Traveling to San Miguel de Allende from Queretaro Airport or Mexico International Airport: The taxi from Queretaro airport to San Miguel is around 40 minutes and will cost circa $80 USD. 

If you fly into Mexico International, then there is a bus in the terminal (bus line Primera Plus) and it costs around $20 to Querataro. They give you a headset and there is a monitor for each seat. They also provide water, soft drinks and there is a restroom on the bus. It takes 3 hours to reach Queretaro; then you need to take a taxi to San Miguel. 

NOTE: The Conference will be conducted in Spanish and translation services will not be available.

Optional Dinner

One of the most enjoyable things on any trip is discovering the local cuisine and Mexico has a lot to offer in this regard. 

Join your color tribe for this optional dinner designed to give you the full flavor of Mexico AND connect with your fellow Conference attendees.