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Optional Activities

As a part of this year’s conference, Color Marketing Group is excited to offer a networking dinner and a powerful workshop designed to put you in touch with experts who can help you sharpen your skills and get even more value from your time in Suzhou.

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Most famous for its vegetable and fish dishes, Suzhou cuisine emphasizes fresh, subtly sweet flavors and exquisite presentation. It commonly features freshwater fish, especially eel and carp, which are usually steamed. Traditional dishes include Mandarin Fish, Steamed White Fish, Water Shield with Egg Flakes, Moon Cakes, Fengzhen noodles, Aozao noodles, Semen euryales, Fish Flavor Spring Rolls, Youtunjinjiao (Fried Steamed Bun), Sugar Porridge, Jiuniang Cake, and more.  Join your color tribe for this optional event designed to give you the full flavor of Suzhou AND connect with your fellow Conference attendees.  To register, check the box on the Registration Form, or use the online registration sign-up. 

Gastronomy in Suzhou

Sunday, September 10, 2017
9–5 p.m. | Fee: $100



RAL is the global language of colours. RAL offers colour users a varied range of precise colour samples with the colour collections RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT as well as the RAL DESIGN system. The RAL colours palette comprises a total of 2,328 shades. RAL products extend from colour fans, plastic standards and software to colour scheme and trend books.  This session explores why colour standardization canbe helpful for your business.  It offers insight into how we perceive colours and why it is essential to work with a colour standard?

To register, check the box on the Registration Form, or use the online registration sign-up. 

Fee: Complementary, CMG Members
$55 USD, Nonmembers