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2017 ChromaZone® Cleveland

Patty Flauto

Patty Flauto

Patty Flauto has had design, innovation, and creativity in her job description her entire career. Developing new ideas and finding practical ways to implement them is her passion. Patty has years of experience in the world of art, color, and design. As an International Consultant she provides expertise on product and color designfor her clients. As an educator, she has successfully taught a wide variety of color, design, and creative thinking classes locally, nationally, and as far as Shanghai China. She is currently adjunct professor at Virginia Marti College of Art & Design.

We asked Patty to describe Design Thinking:

“It’s a process that improves our ability to innovate, lead, and to pull together concepts from engineering and design, and to combine them with the world around us. We all want to innovate; to be a pioneer, an explorer, and to break new ground, we just don’t always know where to start and how to harness the power within us to get started.”

So how do you get started?

“The first step is to “do” – this isn’t a sitting exercise – it’s all about stimulating your creative side through doing. We’ll work through some exercises and activities that will get you moving, collaborating, and applying your thinking in diverse and unique ways. You are going to ask new questions of yourself and your colleagues; and you are going to problem solve in fun and challenging ways, challenging your own and your colleagues’ assumptions. Design thinking is transformational – but to be truly transformational you need to change how you think, act and respond and to change things within your environment.”