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Illuminating color Applications Workshop





If you’ve been to a Summit before, you know that our workshops encapsulate the core of what the International Summit is about. Global inter-industry teams will share how colors from CMG’s 2019+ World Color Forecast™ (which includes the North American Forecast), as well as the three International Forecasts (Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America), are being applied in current design projects. It’s a tidal wave of exposure, learning, and collaboration that unites us as color professionals and makes each of us stronger.

Workshop options include:



Colors love to play with other colors, and as color professionals, we love to be a part of that process. Participants in this Workshop will use colors from the new 2019+ CMG World Color Forecast™ as they break into groups to create forward-thinking, directional color combinations for home décor, transportation, consumer products, and technology industries. Industry teams will identify three to five palettes that are determined to be emerging and unique color combinations within that space.

THE GOAL This workshop will arm you with fresh and inspirational color combinations that you can apply to your industry with confidence and foresight.

The combinations developed in this workshop will be shared both with Summit attendees and online with the full CMG membership.

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Explore the nuance of color and color combinations in contract design markets, such as commercial, hospitality, healthcare, education, multifamily residential, and more. Armed with the CMG 2019+ World Color Forecast™, participants will identify which colors will be important in contract markets, how they’ll be used, and why. Colors not included in the forecast can be added as necessary to illustrate a trend. Our findings will be shared during Sunday morning’s session, coinciding with the contract section of the CMG 2019+ World Color Forecast™

THE GOAL This workshop will help designers interpret CMG palettes for contract application.

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Do you work in CMF? Do you create design trends, make key design decisions, and influence applications on products? In this workshop, you will identify future CMF trends and how they might influence CMG’s 2018+ World Color Forecast™. To do this, you’ll explore how materials, processes, and finishes are influencing and driving the need for new colors and applications. Join innovative suppliers, product developers, and other CMG members as we discuss multidimensional color, new materials, and finishes.

THE GOAL This workshop will explore the future of materials and finishes, particularly within the consumer goods, appliances, transportation, furniture, and sporting-goods industries.

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Note: This workshop offers nonmembers the chance to access CMG’s 2018+ World Color Forecast™ (exclusive to members) as part of their Summit registration fee.

THE GOAL This workshop will give you an understanding of how your contemporaries are using CMG forecasts, as well as how you can successfully do the same.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll revisit the colors from our 2018+ World Color Forecast™ (originally revealed during CMG’s 2016 International Summit) and explore how they’re being used in the world today. Participants will be encouraged to share not only how they’ve incorporated CMG’s 2018+ World Colors but also how they’re seeing those colors used in other designs.

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How to Prepare

Workshop preparation details WILL BE E-MAILED TO YOU UPON CONFIRMATION OF YOUR REGISTRATION. This gives you a good indication of what you are expected to prepare, think about and bring to the Summit.