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Yolanda Reséndiz Barrón & Jesús Renteria Franco

Yolanda Reséndiz Barrón & Jesús Renteria Franco

As they explore new ways of creating objects, Yolanda Reséndiz Barrón and Jesús Renteria Franco, industrial designers, creators of the Tsimani Studio, and Guest Speakers at this year’s Latin American Conference, find that the historical and the traditional are the perfect guidelines for innovation.  They believe that to experience Mexico in the most traditional way gives them the necessary inspiration to contribute a fresh and new way to promote the richness of the Mexican visual world.  Colors, saturated textures, and recharged forms are the material with which they work.


Montaha Hidefi

Montaha Hidefi

Strategic Marketing Manager and Business Development, Color Trends Consultant and Advisor

Greatly involved with designers and clients in various industries, Montaha offers advice on color trends, forward-trend visions and color palettes. She conducted trend seminars and workshops in many countries including Canada, Mexico, the USA, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Turkey, the UK, the UAE, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

A published author, she recently authored a chapter on “Color and Design” for the American educational Shop! MaRC Program; the retail industry’s only globally recognized credential in the in-store marketing industry, and a chapter on color trends for the 2nd edition of “Colour Design, Theories and Applications” edited by Janet Best and soon-to-be-published by Elsevier.

Montaha is also a regular contributor to the London-based “MIX Magazine” by Colour Hive, for color, design, trends and material.

She enjoys experimenting the healthy aspect of color combinations with self-created meal recipes.

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