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Vincent Gregoire

NellyRodi Agency


While studying both interior and industrial design at the Ecole Camondo in Paris, Vincent Grégoire also found the time to work on a number of scenographic creations, accessories for fashion designers and advertising visuals.

Artistic director and designer of exclusive products for decorator Agnès Comar, he joined the NellyRodi Agency in 1991, where he became the driving force behind the early and rapid development of the NellyRodi Lifestyle Department.

Extremely committed to his clients, he travels the world in search of the latest trends, markets and consumers aspirations.

Animated by the desire to share his discoveries and analyses, he sees his “work” as a driving belt between marketing, creation and communication.

Constantly in search of trends and new influences, he scents the current climate and decodes it. Chronicler in 2003-2004 for Canal + TV, he collaborates with different medias in the form of interviews and citations (radio, books, tele¬vision, magazines) and writing (general-public press, news and trend pages).

Vincent Gregoire is Ambassador of the Korean Food Fondation since 2013.

At the head of the Intertextile Trend Committee (Messe Frankfurt / Shanghai),    

This “trend hunter” is above all a truly creative spirit who studies and questions the ties linking labels and the future trends he decodes during his travels. L’Oréal, Hennessy, Piaget, and many other brands rely on his forecasting expertise.


Vincent will decipher and explain new consumer behavior, attitudes, values and lifestyles that will become trends in the next 2 years. With a forward reaching vision that covers design, interior design, architecture, retail, electronics, fitness, gastronomy, beauty, travel and other sectors… with for each trend its chromatic translation.

Vincent Grégoire, Creative Director

Charlotte BOISDRON, Beauty & Services Director