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Yang Design



Yang Design is the trendsetter of design strategy and the first Chinese winner of the top 4 international awards:  Red Dot Design Award,  iF Design Award, G-Mark and IDEA.  The accolade of the Red Dot Design Award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognized quality label for excellent design.  The iF logo has become an internationally acknowledged symbol of outstanding design, and serves as a beacon for design-interested audiences in the global economies.  Yang Design has also won more than 60 other design awards.  Today, YANG DESIGN has over 40 international strategy and design experts with significant experience in product strategy and design, user experience and service design, brand DNA definition, trend watching, and CMF study.  YANG DESIGN’s philosophy is the creation of “perfect user experiences”, and helps to achieve innovative business value for local and international renowned brands, including  China Eastern Airline, Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou Metro, Audi,  Volvo,  Infiniti, DS, Siemens, Bosch, Philips, ABB, Schneider Electric, Lenovo, and HTC.  Their specific area of expertise lies in the home appliance industry, consumer electronics, transportation, home lifestyle product, sports and leisure, public facility and guidance system for public information.